June 21, 1938






Dropcap_o_1934 ne thing you have to say about Los Angeles Mayor Frank Shaw: He has a sense of humor.

Upon returning from Washington, where he spent the final days of the Earle Kynette trial, Shaw was given a list of written questions.

He was asked for "any comment he cared to make on the conviction of Acting Police Capt. Earle Kynette and Lt. Roy Allen; his position in reference to a resolution by Councilman Hyde asking the mayor, the chief of police and the Police Commission to resign; whether he intended to ask for a reorganization of the Police Department, particularly as to the intelligence squad; an investigation of the squad; will his brother, Joe Shaw, remain with the administration; the $90,000 secret service fund; Dist. Atty Fitts’ announcement that he is going after the ‘higher-ups’ in the Raymond bombing case; and other items."

Shaw said, in part: "Out of 18,000 city employees, three have been charged with crime and two of them have been found guilty. As a public official, sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the charter of the city of Los Angeles, I was required to regard these men with the same presumption of innocence as the law grants to every other citizen….

"Councilman Hyde’s resolution calling for resignation of myself, the police commissioners and Chief Davis was clearly the gesture of a candidate for office who must use sensational means to get his name before the voters. The City Council refused to take it seriously. Upon the face of it, it is ridiculous."

Note: On Sept. 16, 1938, it won’t be so funny.

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