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February 1959: Television Recorder! TV Set as Flat as a Picture! Amazing Predictions for the Future!

Note: This post originally appeared on latimes.com in 2009 and is available via Archive.org. February 1959: Speaking of the future, RCA’s David Sarnoff describes an astounding “television recorder!” “Westinghouse’s Gwilym Price expects [recorded] tapes to reproduce shows in three dimensions … Continue reading

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Anti-gravity house

An anti-gravity house? You may laugh, the author says, but remember "atomic control" seemed impossible a mere 20 years ago. And no more hassles with dusting!        

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June 19, 1938

ermany begins the systematic roundup of Jews on the pretext of putting them in "protective custody" or claiming that they are foreigners "without proper papers." "At Buchenwald Concentration Camp, near Weimar, it was reported that 65 army buses were arriving … Continue reading

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