Movieland Mystery Photo (Updated + + + +)

Hell's Hinges

This week’s mystery movie was the 1916 New York Motion Picture Co./Triangle Film Corp. production “Hell’s Hinges,” with W.S. Hart, Clara Williams, Jack Standing, Alfred Hollingsworth, Robert McKim, J. Frank Burke and Louise Glaum.

It can be streamed for free at the National Film Preservation Foundation website. (The preserved version lacks an opening title card).

March 6, 1916, L.A. Times, Hell's Hinges
The New York Times only mentions “Hell’s Hinges” in passing, but it was reviewed by Grace Kingsley in the L.A. Times, March 6, 1916.

March 4, 2019, Mystery Photo

For Monday, we have a mystery woman.

Update: This is Louise Glaum.

March 5, 2019, Mystery Photo

For Tuesday, we have a questionable mystery gent. He does not approve of such goings-on.

Update: This is Alfred Hollingsworth.

Brain Trust roll call: Dan Nather (Monday’s mystery woman).

March 6, 2019, Mystery Photo

For Wednesday, we have a pensive mystery gent.

Update: This is Jack Standing.

Brain Trust roll call: Dan Nather (mystery movie and Tuesday’s mystery gent) and Anne Papineau (Monday’s mystery woman).

March 6, 2019, Mystery Photo

For Thursday, we have a mystery woman.

Update: This is Clara Williams.

Brain Trust roll call: Mike Hawks (mystery movie and all mystery guests) and Anne Papineau (mystery movie and Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s mystery guests).

March 7, 2019, Mystery photo

For Friday, we have one of the most non-mysterious guests in film.

Update: This is William S. Hart.

Brain Trust roll call: Sue Slutzky (mystery movie and all mystery guests), Mike Hawks (Thursday’s mystery woman), Dan Nather (Wednesday’s and Thursday’s mystery guests) and Anne Papineau (Thursday’s mystery woman).

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20 Responses to Movieland Mystery Photo (Updated + + + +)

  1. Dan Nather says:

    This looks like a silent movie — is the lady Louise Glaum?


  2. Dan Nather says:

    Alfred Hollingsworth today; and the film is one of my favorite William S. Hart pictures, the classic HELL’S HINGES (1916).


  3. Floyd Thursby says:

    Noah Beery in “Noah’s Ark”?


  4. Anne Papineau says:

    On Monday, Louise Glaum?


  5. Mary Mallory says:

    Robert Edeson.


  6. MIKE HAWKS says:

    Louise Glaum, Alfred Hollingsworth and Jack Standing in HELL’S HINGES.


  7. Anne Papineau says:

    On Tuesday, Alfred Hollingsworth. Wednesday, Jack Standing, in “Hell’s Hinges”


  8. Sue Slutzky says:

    The movie is “Hell’s Hinges.” Monday – Louise Glaum, Tuesday – Alfred Hollingsworth, Wednesday – Jack Standing, Thursday (early posting) – Clara Williams. Looking in my crystal ball I see William S. Hart on Friday.


  9. MIKE HAWKS says:

    Clara Williams


  10. Dan Nather says:

    Jack Standing (brother of Sir Guy) on Wednesday, and Clara Williams today. And I’ll bet Mr. Hart is waiting in the wings for tomorrow . . .


  11. Anne Papineau says:

    On Thursday, Clara Williams


  12. Mary Mallory says:

    Julia Swayne Gordon Monday and Ralph Ince Tuesday.


  13. Mary Mallory says:

    HELL’S HINGES. Louise Glaum Monday, Alfred Holingsworth Tuesday, Jack Standing Wednesday, Clara Williams Thursday, and William S. Hart today.


  14. MIKE HAWKS says:

    Mr. Hart burns ’em up again.


  15. Anne Papineau says:

    That’s former Shakespearean actor William S. Hart. I really need to visit his ranch near Newhall.


  16. Diane Ely says:

    Friday: William S. Hart.
    Go Big Red!


  17. Sylvia E says:

    I think Friday is William S. Hart, but no guess on the movie.


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