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Random Shot – DTLA

The things you see in downtown Los Angeles.

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On Location: The May Co.

A little of Loretta Young (featured this month on TCM) goes a long way at the Daily Mirror HQ, but I noticed these shots of a department store in “Employees’ Entrance” and they reminded me of the sequence in “Public … Continue reading

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The Day’s News – Pestilence and Starvation, Jan. 9, 1913

Jan. 9, 1913: We like to think that the past was a kinder, simpler time — when life moved at a slower pace. But no. The Times publishes a Page 1 news map “as an aid to the busy reader … Continue reading

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Man Held in Brawl With Mexican Youths

Jan. 4, 1942: A rather drunk William Kollomick, who gave his address as “Pearl Harbor,” is in jail after getting into a brawl with four unidentified Mexican youths outside a cafe at 1st and Broadway. The youths walked out of … Continue reading

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Downtown Los Angeles – Broadway and 2nd

Broadway and 2nd Street via Google’s Street View. This picture showing the YMCA and the California Bank at the southwest corner of Broadway and 2nd Street has been listed on EBay as Buy It Now for $69.95.

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Downtown Los Angeles – 427 S. Broadway

This postcard of the Pin-Ton candy store, 427 S. Broadway, has been listed on EBay as Buy It Now for $29.97. March 4, 1909: How about an ice cream and a stop at the occult bookshop? The Pin-Ton appears to … Continue reading

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Schaber’s Cafeteria and Einar Petersen

This remarkable postcard postmarked 1941 of Schaber’s Cafeteria at 620 S. Broadway, showing an Einar Petersen mural,  has been listed on EBay at Buy It Now for $6.99. The Schaber Cafeteria at 620 S. Broadway was built in 1928 by … Continue reading

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Eve Golden / Queen of the Dead – Polly Walters

A photo of Polly Walters that has been listed on EBay at $49.95.   Polly Walters My friend Mel Neuhaus and I have been singing the praises of the Say Girls lately—those wise-cracking dames who flourished in the pre-Code era … Continue reading

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A 100-Year-Old Lesson on L.A. Traffic

A Times graphic shows the problem of passengers caught between the streetcars and lanes of traffic. Broadway and 7th Street in 1934, showing a man crossing through a lane of traffic to get to a streetcar. Notice that the driver … Continue reading

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Random Shot: Goodbye Whitney Houston

The Los Angeles Theatre was lit up with a tribute to Whitney Houston when I went to dinner last night, so I took a picture. Twilight was beautiful in downtown Los Angeles, which was bathed in those minutes of “magic … Continue reading

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Found on EBay – Pin Ton Company

A postcard showing the Pin Ton Company Confectionary, 427 S. Broadway, has been listed on EBay. I don’t recall ever hearing of this business or seeing this interior. The store flourished around 1915. Bidding on the postcard starts at $9.99.

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Found on EBay – Hotel Lankershim

This rather wonderful postcard showing an artist’s conception of what the future might look like has been listed on EBay. Built in 1902, the Hotel Lankershim was often described the city’s largest unreinforced building. After the 1971 Sylmar quake, the … Continue reading

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Clifton’s Closing for $3-Million Renovation [Updated]

Photo: Clifton’s Brookdale Cafeteria. My Los Angeles Times colleague Roger Vincent reports that Clifton’s Brookdale cafeteria is closing Sept. 26 for an extended renovation. [If you haven’t read Mary Mallory’s post on Einar Petersen’s murals at Clifton’s and elsewhere downtown, … Continue reading

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President visits L.A.

  Photograph by the Los Angeles Times President Roosevelt at Broadway and 7th Street, July 16, 1938. Photograph by the Los Angeles Times Protesters along the parade route. Photograph by the Los Angeles Times A crowd greets the president, who … Continue reading

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May 31, 1908

    Above and at left, the "white and many-pillared mansion of commerce" opens at Broadway and 8th in Los Angeles. According to The Times, Hamburger’s Department Store was the largest building on the West Coast and had California’s first … Continue reading

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Feb. 6, 1908

  As I keep saying, the carnage on the streets of early 20th century Los Angeles is not to be believed. A detailed story on a fatal car accident … A brave teamster struggles to control a runaway team of … Continue reading

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Driving Survey–Route 6

Here’s my jaunt down Route 6: Arcadia to the Auto Club on South Figueroa. Note that I had to alter the route since Figueroa is a one-way street north of Olympic. Also note that I made the trip on a … Continue reading

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Now showing!

June 24, 1957Los Angeles Now playing at the Million Dollar: "Tropicana" and  "Serenata en Mexico."

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