Found on EBay – Hotel Lankershim

Hotel Lankershim

This rather wonderful postcard showing an artist’s conception of what the future might look like has been listed on EBay. Built in 1902, the Hotel Lankershim was often described the city’s largest unreinforced building. After the 1971 Sylmar quake, the city of Los Angeles imposed laws requiring owners to reinforce buildings – or demolish them. The Lankershim had been closed since the 1970s except for the ground floor, which was occupied by stores and restaurants.

Bidding starts at $11.99.

Feb. 19, 1984, Hotel Lankershim

7th and Broadway
Photo: Broadway and 7th Street. Credit: Google street view.

And so we get this monstrosity in Storage Locker Moderne.   Nothing says “downtown renaissance” like a Carl’s Jr. I wonder what historical consultant Roger Hatheway, who found the Lankershim completely lacking in architectural significance, would make of it.

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2 Responses to Found on EBay – Hotel Lankershim

  1. The fanciful airships and early limousines are a wonderful illustration of a hopeful yesterday’s tomorrow.


  2. eve says:

    Look out! The Hindenberg is about to crash into the hotel!!


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