Found on EBay – Pin Ton Company


A postcard showing the Pin Ton Company Confectionary, 427 S. Broadway, has been listed on EBay. I don’t recall ever hearing of this business or seeing this interior. The store flourished around 1915. Bidding on the postcard starts at $9.99.

Feb. 5, 1915, Pin-Ton

Feb. 5, 1915: Local window display managers have their monthly gathering at the Pin Ton!

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2 Responses to Found on EBay – Pin Ton Company

  1. Jasmijn says:

    Looks like the building is still standing, then, based on that link (thanks!). I had no idea those buildings went so far back — might have to pretend to be shopping for a quinceanera dress sometime and try to scope it out 😉


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