The Day’s News – Pestilence and Starvation, Jan. 9, 1913

Jan. 9, 1913, News Map

Jan. 9, 1913: We like to think that the past was a kinder, simpler time — when life moved at a slower pace. But no.

The Times publishes a Page 1 news map “as an aid to the busy reader helping him to devour a body of news many columns in length.”

In the map, we find
1. Troops arriving at the front
2. Ship in distress
3. Burning building
4. Land battle
5. Earthquake
6. Execution
7. Volcano eruption
8. Forest fire
9. Assassination-massacre
10. Street riot
11. Let slip the dogs of war
12. Burglary and robbery
13 More snow
14. Pestilence and starvation
15. Sea fight
16. Railroad accident
17. Fatal automobile accident
18. Aeroplane accident
19. Dove of Peace
20. Strange–startling
21. Tidings of great joy

Juan Flores, 32, is in jail after being caught by department store detective Bessie Brooks while teaching Jose Lopez, 13, how to shoplift.

Albina Kopervich/Koperyich, 24, having been abandoned by her husband, gave up her baby girl, who was born Oct. 1, to the Los Angeles Humane Society. The woman was trying to work while neighbors tended the baby, but this arrangement was no longer possible. Kopervich/Koperyich’s two other children, both younger than 4, are in the care of the True Love Home on Griffith Avenue. The society promises to find a home for the baby, The Times says.

Jan. 9, 1913, Shoplifter

Jan. 9, 1913, Baby

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  1. “They’re rioting in Africa, there’s strife in Iran. What nature doesn’t do to us, will be done by our fellow man”. – The Kingston Trio

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