Clifton’s Closing for $3-Million Renovation [Updated]

Clifton's Brookdale

Photo: Clifton’s Brookdale Cafeteria.

My Los Angeles Times colleague Roger Vincent reports that Clifton’s Brookdale cafeteria is closing Sept. 26 for an extended renovation. [If you haven’t read Mary Mallory’s post on Einar Petersen’s murals at Clifton’s and elsewhere downtown, check it out.]

Vincent says that Andrew Meieran plans to remove the metal facade that was installed in the 1960s as part of the attempts to modernize the historic buildings on Broadway. The kitchen will be new, the menu will be similar and the dining room will be unchanged, Vincent says. Plans call for a tiki-themed bar in the basement and a third-floor speakeasy. [The password is swordfish!]

While the cafeteria is closed for the $3-million renovation, expected to take three to six months, a bakery headed by Holden Burkons will open in the front.

[Update: Mary Mallory notes that on the third level of Clifton’s is a historic exhibit, which showcases the only known plan and furniture by Einar Petersen. ]

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2 Responses to Clifton’s Closing for $3-Million Renovation [Updated]

  1. Cliftons tried to open an OC cafeteria in the 1980s in Laguna Hills. Given its proximity to Leisure World it seemed like a genius move, but it didn’t last. Didn’t have the same scenery but great food. We loved to go there when we lived in south OC, since it was a lot easier than going to the real thing.


  2. I’m relieved their renovation had nothing to do with our recent visit.
    I somehow missed MM’s post on the Petersen murals. Next thing to read!


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