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March 16, 1969: The Rosey Grier Show

March 16, 1969: Rosey Grier, seen in the “Fearsome Foursome” making their debut on Shindig, is the star of a weekly TV show on Channel 7. Keith Thursby has the story.  This post originally appeared on latimes.com in 2009 and … Continue reading

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Jan. 24, 1969: Ghosts of Wrigley Field

Keith Thursby says: John Hall wrote a couple of columns bidding farewell to Los Angeles’ Wrigley Field. “It was another time, another place. It was Wrigley Field, 1925-1969, may it rest in peace. The demolition crews are at work and … Continue reading

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Jan. 22, 1969: Lee Meyers Hoping for a Comeback With the Royals

Keith Thursby has the story of baseball player Lee Meyers, who was was making a comeback, hoping to get a job with the first-year Kansas City Royals. Meyers was married to Mamie Van Doren (1966-1969).. Note: This post originally appeared … Continue reading

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Jan. 13, 1969: Jets and Broadway Joe Namath Win Super Bowl

    Jan. 13, 1969: The first Super Bowl – and it doesn’t make Page 1 of the Los Angeles Times. Kicked back to sports. I would love to have been sitting in the news meeting that day… Jim Murray … Continue reading

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Jan. 9, 1969: ‘Hair’ Cast Kicked Out of Mexico

Jan. 9, 1969: A Martin Bernheimer byline on a story about the misfortunes of a Mexican production of “Hair.” “Upbraided?” Now there’s a clever headline. Keith Thursby writes: The ABA and LA should have been a good fit. The game … Continue reading

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Jan. 7, 1969: Stocks suffer worst day in 19 months; Rams rehire Allen

Jan. 7, 1969: A 15-point drop in the Dow is Page 1 news in 1969. I wonder what they would think of today’s economic meltdowns.. Also: Gordon Lightfoot makes his debut in Los Angeles and Keith Thursby on the Rams … Continue reading

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Jan. 2, 1969: College Student Home on Vacation Killed, Dumped Off Mulholland

This is another story that I don’t remember at all. The original post is here at Archive.org. The killing of Marina Elizabeth Habe remains unsolved (I see that I garbled her name in the original post). See also Keith Thursby’s … Continue reading

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