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New York City’s Homicide Rate – And a Lesson in Using FBI Uniform Crime Reports

Actually, no. Ashley Southall of the New York Times has it wrong in saying that the current homicide rate of 286 is “the lowest since reliable records have been kept.” We can say this because the FBI Uniform Crime Reports … Continue reading

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Black Dahlia: Don’t Spend Money on the FBI Files

Every so often, some EBay vendor gets the clever idea of selling the FBI’s files on the Black Dahlia case. In this instance, it’s someone in the UK selling Part 1 | and Part 2. Of course, you can download … Continue reading

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Black Dahlia: Don’t Waste Your Money on Her FBI File (Updated)

Some enterprising EBay vendor has listed Elizabeth Short’s FBI file for $20. Don’t waste your money. First of all, the FBI had no jurisdiction in the Black Dahlia case, so it’s mostly newspaper clippings and other assorted documents. Second, the … Continue reading

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Bonnie and Clyde — The FBI Files

Speaking of FBI files, here’s an image of Clyde Barrow’s funeral found in his FBI file. Bonnie and Clyde’s FBI files are also online in seven sections.

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Mob City: Bugsy Siegel’s FBI Files

“Bugs” Siegel refers to FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover “in a most degrading and insulting manner.” As long as we’re on the subject of Bugsy Siegel (d. 1947), fans of “Mob City” might consider perusing his FBI files, which are … Continue reading

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The FBI Thins Its Files

I had the strangest experience Saturday when I was going through Ernest Hemingway’s FBI file. I was sure the buro had posted Louis Armstrong’s dossier — it’s brief and not terribly interesting except for the fact that it exists. Or … Continue reading

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Hemingway’s FBI File!

The 50th anniversary of Ernest Hemingway’s death has prompted a variety of articles, including an op-ed piece in the New York Times by A.E. Hotchner, who portrays the famous novelist as being obsessed about FBI surveillance. He told Hotchner: “It’s … Continue reading

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Jan. 11, 1958


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Attack in Griffith Park

July 27, 1957Los Angeles I’m going to describe a neighborhood and you guess where it is: Gay women living together, speaking Armenian and working for nonprofits. (OK, I’m exaggerating slightly). Also lots of foreign-born urbanites and “makin’ it singles.” That’s … Continue reading

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