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Dec. 19, 1907: No, None of It Was His Fault

Note: This is an encore post from 2006. Dec. 19, 1907 Los Angeles What you have to understand first about George White is that he isn’t to blame. Oh he’ll take his prison sentence for robbing the Hot Rivet Saloon, … Continue reading

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May 15, 1908

Above, the Wright Bros. suffer a setback due to pilot error. Don’t despair, because in less than two years,  Aviation Week will bring aeroplanes to Rancho Dominguez … Below, crime briefs from "life’s seamy side": James Mulhall, partner in Venice’s … Continue reading

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Robber kills self

Here’s a headline that says: "Read Me":"Cornered and Bullet-Riddled, Bandit Blows His Brains Out." I stumbled across this while researching the mysterious noise mentioned in Matt Weinstock’s column and it’s too good not to share. This is quite a story … Continue reading

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Heroic dog update

No, I don’t know anything further about Baron the German shepherd, but I do have more information about Nyals A. Andreason, thanks to a reader. According to an online obituary, Nyals graduated from Brigham Young University and was a computer … Continue reading

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Woman kills robber

  Nov. 28, 1957 Los Angeles The last bad decision in James B. Burton’s 42 years of bad decisions was to light a cigarette. Because to light the cigarette, he had to put down his gun.  Of course he had … Continue reading

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Paul V. Coates–Confidential File

Sept. 26, 1957 I talked yesterday with two men. One was fresh out of San Quentin, pardoned after nine months for a crime he didn’t commit. The second was a witness to the crime. His positive identification of the suspect … Continue reading

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Cold case solved

July 25-31, 1957Los Angeles Nine minutes after the cyanide pellets were dropped in the gas chamber at San Quentin, James Lewis Feldkamp,  25, who had once tried to become an LAPD officer, was dead. If he hadn’t been turned down … Continue reading

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Mulholland robbery

June 19, 1957 Los Angeles Meet Louis Spivak, a hard-luck guy if there ever was one. The whole thing started and ended with him. Spivak, the brother of musician Charlie Spivak, had been in the joint at Folsom and transferred … Continue reading

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