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The hits for the Daily Mirror blog show that someone is researching the Feb. 13, 1969, robbery of the Bank of America at 3320 S. Hill. Here’s your answer:

The Times wrote very little about the case, although police killed two robbers. According to the account, the unidentified men were believed to be part of a five-member gang that robbed the bank Jan. 10, 1969,
getting $17,600 ($98,532.55 USD 2006).

A stolen car was found nearby with its engine running, The Times said. The slain holdup men were wearing stocking masks, gloves and “two changes of clothes, one of which apparently was to be discarded after
the robbery to hamper identification.”

Aha! A little research shows that on July 2, 1969, James “Tayari” Doss and his wife, Carmelita, were convicted in the January 1969 holdup. Doss was the vice chairman of a black nationalist group called US headed by Ron Karenga, the man who founded Kwanzaa. The other three robbers weren’t identified, The Times said.

The Times apparently didn’t cover the Dosses’ sentencing. The only other citation I can find is Pacific Stars and Stripes, July 3, 1969.

There is no further information on the Dosses.

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