1947 World Inventors Exposition at the Pan-Pacific Auditorium

1947 World Inventors Exposition

An EBay vendor has listed a program from the 1947 World Inventors Exposition. According to ads in The Times, this is where the Tucker automobile had its “premiere public showing.”   Bidding on the program starts at $19.95.

I wrote a brief post about the expo for the 1947project in 2005 – here it is:

July 22, 1947 World Inventors Exposition
July 21, 1947, World Inventors Expo

First-prize winner at the inventors exposition was Stanley Hiller Jr., who developed a helicopter in which two blades on a single shaft rotated in opposite directions, eliminating the need for a tail rotor.

Second-prize winner was Horace Pentecost, another helicopter developer who invented an engine and propeller that could be worn as a backpack.

Fourth prize went to John Pruner and Henry Krohn for a “color symphony machine.”

Third prize? It was awarded to a man named Joe Milan, who dreamed up an automotive accessory. Something he calls disk brakes.

The long-neglected Pan-Pacific burned to the ground in 1989.

July 21, 1947, World Inventors Expo

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