Sex Talk in Pasadena Canceled Due to Lack of Interest

Sept. 12, 1953, Comics

Sept. 12, 1953: Angry San Fernando Valley residents picket Lockheed’s plant in Van Nuys after a jet trainer crashed, killing Phyllis O’Kray, 16504 Chase St., Sepulveda.

Lockheed executive Courtland S. Gross expressed regret over O’Kray’s death and noted that the company was developing facilities at an Air Force base in Palmdale. “It is planned to gradually absorb much of the jet flying for the Los Angeles aircraft industry,” he said.


A panel discussion on Dr. Alfred Kinsey’s “Sexual Behavior in the Human Female” is canceled due to poor ticket sales.

Panelists schedule to appear were actresses Marie Windsor and Joanne Arnold; psychoanalyst Dr. Mason Rose; Lee Trent; and USC marriage counselor Dr. James A. Peterson.

Judge Newcomb Condee criticizes California law enforcement departments for photographing and fingerprinting people who are held “for only minor breaches of the law,” The Times says.

“This is outrageous mugging and fingerprinting,” Condee says. “What police are doing is an outrageous un-American practice. They are violating the basic concepts of personal freedom.”

Hypnotic Hick

In the Theaters: “Wings of the Hawk” in 3-D! Also a Woody Woodpecker cartoon in 3-D “Hypnotic Hick.”

Sept. 12, 1953, Lockheed Protest

16500 Chase St., Sepulveda, Calif.
The 16500 block of Chase Street via Google Street View.

Sept. 12, 1953, Lockheed Protest

Sept. 12, 1953, Kinsey Panel

Sept. 12, 1953, Wings of the Hawk

Sept. 12, 1953, Fingerprints

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  1. Benito says:

    Wings Of The Hawk is rarely if ever shown. Julia Adams is the girl in Creature From The Black Lagoon; G. Dolenz is probably Mickey’s dad; and even character actor Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez pops up. As for Abbe Lane? Here she is, with bongos:


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