Parents Sue Doctor Who Said Baby Girl Was a Boy!

Aug. 29, 1943, Comics

Aug. 29, 1943, POW Letter

Aug. 29, 1943: The family of Marine Cpl. Carroll E. Trego, a radio operator captured in the fall of Wake Island, receives a letter written from a prisoner of war camp in Shanghai.

Dr. John M. Andrews is being sued for $500,000 by Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Hartwig after delivering a baby and telling the family that it was a boy, whom they named Richard Allen Hartwig — when it was actually a girl.

“At the time of delivery I didn’t pay any attention to whether it was a boy or girl. But I remember saying ‘It looks like a boy’ as Mrs. Hartwig was coming out of the ether,” Andrews said.

Police Chief Clemence C.B. Horrall is seeking two changes in the City Charter. One would exempt officers hired under wartime emergency provisions from the city pension system. The other would eliminate overlapping authority between the chief and the Police Commission.

Police round up 119 juveniles who were out after curfew at a drive-in at Anaheim and Gaffey streets in San Pedro.

In another black eye for Los Angeles sainted streetcar system, streetcar motorman Coy Gordon was distracted while making change and rammed into another streetcar that was stopped at Pico and Windsor boulevards. Eight people were injured, none seriously, The Times said.

In the Theaters: “I Walked Like a Zombie.”

Carroll Trego’s family had received a letter from him in 1942 written two days before the last of the Marines on Wake Island capitulated to the Japanese.

According to service records, Trego was held prisoner until September 1945.

He is mentioned in “Victory in Defeat: The Wake Island Defenders in Captivity,” published by the Naval Institute Press, and in “Magnificent Fight: Marines in the Battle for Wake Island,” by Robert J. Cressman.

According to genealogical records, Carroll Elwood Trego died July 17, 2009, in Simi Valley, Calif. He was 88.

Jan. 23, 1942, Carroll E. Trego

Aug. 29, 1943, Killed, Wounded, Missing
Aug. 29, 1943, I Walked With a Zombie

Aug. 29, 1943, Boy/Girl

Aug. 29, 1943, Police Chief

Aug. 29, 1943, Streetcar Crash


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2 Responses to Parents Sue Doctor Who Said Baby Girl Was a Boy!

  1. LC says:

    re: Doctor Admits…Really! Of all the people involved in birthing a baby you would think that one of them could tell the difference, especially, the parents. In 1943 the new mother and baby would remain in the hospital for a least a week before going home, she would have changed diapers, etc…didn’t anyone bother to look?


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