Rocket Builder Steals Truckload of Equipment From Caltech

Aug. 22, 1953, Comics

Aug. 22, 1953, Hammer Murder
Aug. 22, 1953: Fred Frank Wildemuth kills his wife because he didn’t want her to catch carbon monoxide poisoning from him.

“I, the Jury” in 3-D at the Paramount theaters in Hollywood and downtown.

A brilliant — and unidentified — boy scientist is arrested on charges of stealing  a fortune in scientific equipment from Caltech. The youth — who won an award for a rocket design — led companions through a network of tunnels beneath the campus to gain access to the labs, The Times said.

Dr. Alfred Kinsey will give a lecture at the Greek Theater.

Mrs. Theodore B. Polson, 55, dies after leaping from the fourth floor of a hotel at 206 W. 6th St.

Johnny Green conducts a concert of Gershwin’s music at the Hollywood Bowl with pianist Andre Previn (yes, that Andre Previn) as soloist.

Aug. 22, 1953, I the Jury

Aug. 22, 1953, Boy Scientist

Aug. 22, 1953, Wildemuth Killing

4082 Sawtelle Blvd.
The 4000 block of Sawtelle Boulevard via Google’s Street View.

Fred Frank Wildemuth, 4082 Sawtelle Blvd., drove to the Culver City police station and parked in a red zone. When he saw Officer Harlow Hansen come out of the building he asked:

“How do I get the carbon monoxide smell out of my car? I tried to kill myself a few days ago and the smell’s still in here.”

“Oh, by the way, Wildemuth said, “I killed my wife this morning.”

Aug. 22, 1953, Kinsey Lecture

Investigation revealed that Wildemuth had killed his wife, Olga, by beating her with a hammer and stabbing her with two steak knives. He explained that he was afraid she would get carbon monoxide poisoning from him, The Times said.

Wildemuth pleaded not guilty and not guilty by reason of insanity, but The Times never reported on the verdict reached in the trial.

Aug. 22, 1953, Suicide

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1 Response to Rocket Builder Steals Truckload of Equipment From Caltech

  1. JAMES says:

    The best thing in this post was the ad for the Three Stooges short. That boy genius would be about 76 now. I wonder what became of him? The husband probably got off light. Wife killing is only a misdomeaner in California.


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