Hero Stops Runaway L.A. Streetcar

Aug. 15, 1943, Comics

Aug. 15, 1943, Streetcar Accident
Aug. 15, 1943: Los Angeles’ long-gone streetcar system has achieved sainthood, but here’s an incident suggesting that in reality, it was less than perfect. (Heresy, I know).

Shura Cherkassky performs at the Greek Theatre.

Hedda Hopper with her version of how Abbott and Costello got together.

Aug. 15, 1943, Streetcar Accident
The damaged streetcar, with vintage photobombing.


Truck driver Albert DeFrank was heading south on Vermont Avenue when he stopped at 42nd Street so some pedestrians could cross. The streetcar following him, however, failed to stop and crashed into the rear of the truck, tearing open the streetcar and destroying the controls.

As the streetcar sped out of control, machinist Harry E. Woodson fought his way through the panicked passengers to pull the emergency handbrake, halting the runaway trolley near Vermont and Vernon.

Aug. 15, 1943, Hedda Hopper

Aug. 15, 1943, Hedda Hopper

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