L.A. French Benevolent Society Celebrates Founding in 1859

Aug. 15, 2863, Los Angeles Star
The entire Aug. 15, 1863, issue of the Los Angeles Star, scanned from a copy at the Huntington, is available from USC (in color) or the California Digital Newspaper Collection (black and white).

Aug. 15, 1863: Another installment of the virulently pro-Southern, pro-Confederacy, anti-Lincoln Los Angeles Star. Seen in this context, the Times editorials of Gen. Harrison Gray Otis seem rather tame, I must say.

The French Benevolent Society, which has 150 members,  celebrates its fourth anniversary. Recall that the Hebrew Benevolent Society was founded in 1854.

The city of Los Angeles is soliciting bids for 15,000 feet of wooden pipe.

The Board of Supervisors takes up the matter of jury duty for the grand jury and trial juries.

A Ladies Festival is being held Aug. 24, in two rooms over the stores of Corbitt & Barker and Hellman.

Jurors are named for the murder trial of George F. Morris.


Aug. 15, 2863, Los Angeles Star

Aug. 15, 1863, Wooden Pipe

Aug. 15, 1863, Murder

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