Jan. 13, 1969: Jets and Broadway Joe Namath Win Super Bowl


image Jan.13, 1969, L.A. Times


Jan. 13, 1969: The first Super Bowl – and it doesn’t make Page 1 of the Los Angeles Times. Kicked back to sports. I would love to have been sitting in the news meeting that day…

Jim Murray says:  “On Sunday afternoon, the canary ate the cat. The mailman bit the police dog. The minnow chased the shark out of its waters. The missionaries swallowed the cannibals. The rowboat rammed the battleship. The mouse roared, and the lion jumped on the chair and began to scream for help.”

Newspaper layout trivia note: Notice the two-column stories on either side of the Page 1 index. Those are the famous “corner stories,” giving rise to Keith Thursby’s famous saying: “Everything is a corner story.”

The post originally appeared in 2009 on latimes.com and is available via Archive.org.

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