Jan. 9, 1969: ‘Hair’ Cast Kicked Out of Mexico

L.A. Times, 2009

Jan. 9, 1969: A Martin Bernheimer byline on a story about the misfortunes of a Mexican production of “Hair.” “Upbraided?” Now there’s a clever headline.

Keith Thursby writes: The ABA and LA should have been a good fit. The game was wide open, with lots of dunks and three-pointers. The team even had a perfect name for the town–the Stars. Definitely a better match than the previous season when the franchise was called the Anaheim Amigos.

The entire post originally appeared on latimes.com and is available at Archive.org.

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1 Response to Jan. 9, 1969: ‘Hair’ Cast Kicked Out of Mexico

  1. Eve says:

    In high school I reviewed a production of the opera “The Medium” for our paper, and headlined it “‘MEDIUM’ WELL DONE.”

    I am still proud of that one.


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