Found on EBay – Herald Examiner

Herald Examiner rack card

This 1969 news rack card from the  Los Angeles Herald Examiner (d. 1989) has been listed on EBay. These cards were placed on vending machines to improve street sales. This card is a bit of a surprise, because the Herald’s later rack cards are horizontal (as are the ones for The Times). Bidding on this item starts at $19.99.

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I am retired from the Los Angeles Times
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1 Response to Found on EBay – Herald Examiner

  1. Jeff Prescott says:

    Actually, this was probably placed in the newsstands in supermarkets and the (emerging) 7-11s….
    A lot of Sunday edition promos were on cards this size….
    But, still a good one…….(don’t know of any H-E or Times signs for newsracks in that size…….)


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