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Land Bargain in L.A.: 50 Cents an Acre!

Read the entire edition online at USC, scanned from a copy at the Huntington Library. March 28, 1863: The city of Los Angeles is selling 2,000 acres “within the eastern boundary of the city” at a minimum price of 50 … Continue reading

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Steamship Hits Rock off Point Fermin

March 21, 1863: Now that we’re done with the Black Dahlia/George Hodel transcripts we can return to Los Angeles in the pages of the Star, which was brimming with vitriol against the North in the Civil War. Even when one … Continue reading

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Smallpox Epidemic – Los Angeles, Feb. 7, 1863

Read the entire Feb. 7, 1863, edition of the Los Angeles Star from the Huntington Library, scanned by USC. Feb. 7 1863: The coroner holds an inquest in the killing of Christian Hutt. George Wright, the father of accused killer … Continue reading

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Rain in Los Angeles, Jan. 24, 1863

Read the entire Jan. 24, 1863, issue of the Los Angeles Star, scanned by USC from an original copy at the Huntington. Jan. 24, 1863: Most of the Los Angeles Star is devoted to details about the progress (or lack … Continue reading

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U.S. Lifts Ban on L.A. Paper Accused of Treason, Jan. 17, 1863

Read the entire Los Angeles Star of Jan. 17, 1863, courtesy of USC and the Huntington Library. Jan. 17, 1863: The Star notes that after a year of being banned from the U.S. mails for publishing treasonous articles in support … Continue reading

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Confederate Ship Alabama Captures Ariel, Jan. 10, 1863

Read the complete Jan. 10, 1863, edition of the Los Angeles Star. Jan. 10, 1863:  Reflecting its strong sympathies for the Confederacy, the Star publishes a poem by Stonewall Jackson and an account of the capture of the Vanderbilt  steamship … Continue reading

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Emancipation Proclamation: Lincoln’s Outrage!

Read all of the Jan. 3, 1863, Los Angeles Star at USC’s digital library. Jan. 3, 1863: Of all that you may know about the Emancipation Proclamation, I doubt you have read anything negative (unless you’re a historian), so the … Continue reading

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Women Reporters

Nov. 17, 1941: Reporter Mary Shaw Leader is honored posthumously for her work in covering Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. Leader, a reporter for the Hanover Spectator, walked 15 miles to Gettysburg, Pa., to cover the Lincoln’s talk. “She carried his … Continue reading

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History as a Theme Park

The New York Times has a review by Edward Rothstein of Conner Prairie Interactive History Park, which he calls “a hybrid of historical society, amusement park, 19th-century village and high-tech theater. Its history inspires it to try to tell history … Continue reading

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