Emancipation Proclamation: Lincoln’s Outrage!

Read all of the Jan. 3, 1863, Los Angeles Star at USC’s digital library.

Jan. 3, 1863: Of all that you may know about the Emancipation Proclamation, I doubt you have read anything negative (unless you’re a historian), so the coverage in the Los Angeles Star will come as quite a shock. Remember that the Star was a staunchly pro-Southern publication.

“By the stroke of his pen, Mr. Lincoln frees every slave in rebeldom — robs every master of his servant, every household of its property. Was ever such an outrage perpetrated in the name of law, or such foul perjury committed, as by this man, sworn to maintain the Constitution and govern by the laws.”

Los Angeles schools had problems 150 years ago: The city was suffering an outbreak of smallpox, and students had to show proof of vaccination before being admitted when the new school year started.

P. (Prudent) Beaudry (d. 1893) has opened a store in his house at 15 and 16 Aliso St. Born in Canada in 1819, Beaudry came to Los Angeles in  1852. He served on the City Council from 1873 to 1875 and was mayor for two terms, The Times obituary says.

Jan. 3, 1863, Los Angeles Star

Jan. 3, 1863, Smallpox

Jan. 3, 1863, Beaudry

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  1. Rotter says:

    He had me at “bars of Iron and Steel”.


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