Women Reporters

Nov. 17, 1941, Comics
Nov. 17, 1941, Dates for Defense

Nov. 17, 1941: Reporter Mary Shaw Leader is honored posthumously for her work in covering Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. Leader, a reporter for the Hanover Spectator, walked 15 miles to Gettysburg, Pa., to cover the Lincoln’s talk.

“She carried his full three-minute text in the weekly Hanover newspaper while most journalists gave their space to principal speaker Edward Everett’s flowery oration of nearly two hours or merely announced that Lincoln also spoke.”

Times reporter Cecile Hallingby writes a first-person account of a weekend at Camp San Luis Obispo as one of 80 “U.S.O. Dates for Defense.”

“The big dance at the camp Saturday night, at which the ratio of solders to girls was about 10 to 1, was definitely voted the outstanding event of the weekend.”

Jimmie Fidler says: RKO’s “Mexican Spitfire at Sea” at a glance — Marion Martin: “This is my third ‘comeback.’ I’ve gone up and down in this business so often I’m developing a bounce.”

Nov. 17, 1941, Gettysburg Address

Nov. 17, 1941, Dates for Defense

Nov. 17, 1941, Dates for Defense

Nov. 17, 1941, Date for Defense
Nov. 17, 1941, Jimmie Fidler

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