Confederate Ship Alabama Captures Ariel, Jan. 10, 1863

Jan. 10, 1863, Los Angeles Star
Read the complete Jan. 10, 1863, edition of the Los Angeles Star.

Jan. 10, 1863:  Reflecting its strong sympathies for the Confederacy, the Star publishes a poem by Stonewall Jackson and an account of the capture of the Vanderbilt  steamship Ariel by the Confederate ship Alabama, reprinted from the Alta.

Subscriptions have been collected to build a fence around the Fort Hill cemetery. The city has donated nine lots at Temple and Buena Vista (now Broadway) which are to be sold to help pay for the fence. Four of the lots are on the cemetery road and five are in the rear of Banning’s lumber yard

Many bodies were removed from the Fort Hill cemetery in 1914 to make room for the athletic field at Los Angeles High School. The Times reported on March 16, 1914, that 600 bodies had been disinterred and at least 600 more remained. I’ll have more about the cemetery in another post.




Jan. 10, 1863, Cemetery

Jan. 10, 1863, Sale of City Lots

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