History as a Theme Park

Conner Prairie
The New York Times has a review by Edward Rothstein of Conner Prairie Interactive History Park, which he calls “a hybrid of historical society, amusement park, 19th-century village and high-tech theater. Its history inspires it to try to tell history in a different way: not as fact but as experience.”

He says: “Ellen M. Rosenthal, the president and chief executive of the park, explained in an interview that the goal of the park was to treat history not as something completed, but as something lived, something that grows out of people’s experiences and understanding.”

Photo credit: Conner Prairie Interactive History Park

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2 Responses to History as a Theme Park

  1. CatM says:

    I would actually go to this.


  2. Lee Ann, Thom and Megan says:

    Mr. Harnisch, our great-great grandmother, Louisa Mabry, was in Dupont when Morgan raided the town. She was living with relatives while our great-great grandfather, Benjamin Benn Mabry, served with the 82nd Indiana Volunteers. Her letter telling him of the raid does not survive because he had no way to keep it in the field, but his letters to her expressing his feelings about the war and soldier life are in the Indiana War Memorial archives.

    There is a marked trail through the southern part of the state that follows Morgan’s path. The town of Dupont has a historical marker, Conner Prairie is not actually on the route that Morgan followed, but they have the money and the facilities that Dupont doesn’t have. Hope you can visit sometime!


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