Board of Supervisors Plan Toll Road to San Fernando Valley


Read the entire April 4, 1863, issue, from the Huntington Library, scanned by USC.

April 4, 1863: Most of this issue of the Star is devoted to the Civil War and virulent criticism of the North, Abolitionists, President Lincoln, etc.

One item of local interest involves the turnpike over San Fernando Mountain being built by Mr. E.T. Beale. Beale received a franchise for a turnpike from the Legislature, but the Board of Supervisors was unwilling to ratify his franchise because the grading wasn’t good enough. The board and Beale reached another agreement providing for further grading of the road and recommended a toll lasting 20 years as follows:

$2 for a team of 12 or 10 animals
$1.75 for a team of eight animals
$1.50 for a team of six animals
$2.25 (presumably $1.25) for a team of four animals
$1 for two animals
50 cents for one animal
25 cents for a horse and man
25 cents for pack animals
10 cents each for cattle or loose animals
3 cents for sheep.


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