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Movieland Mystery Photo [Updated]

Here’s another mystery chap, courtesy of Steven Bibb. [Update: This is Robert Beatty. Please congratulate Don Danard and Rotter for identifying him. Here’s his obituary in the Los Angeles Times | New York Times ]

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California Prepares to Execute Juanita ‘The Duchess’ Spinelli, Nov. 20, 1941

Nov. 20, 1941: California prepares to execute Juanita “The Duchess” Spinelli at San Quentin. Spinelli, her boyfriend Mike Simeone, Gordon Hawkins and Albert Ives were convicted of drugging and drowning Robert Sherrard to keep him from informing on them about … Continue reading

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Found on EBay – Tattooed Woman

A reprint of a c. 1907 photo of a tattooed woman from the Plaza Gallery in Los Angeles has been listed on EBay. The photo is listed as Buy It Now for $8.99. On the jump, the tattooing craze, from … Continue reading

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Hollywood Model Dies of Botched Abortion, Nov. 19, 1941

This post has be edited. See note at bottom for explanation. Nov. 19, 1941: Angelka Rose Gogich was 18 when she died at Glendale Emergency Hospital after undergoing an abortion. She had be working as a model, hat check girl … Continue reading

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Found on EBay – Bullock’s Wilshire

A lot of 10 commemorative covers from the 1940s mailed to Bullock’s Wilshire has been listed on EBay. I’m not sure whether Bullock’s had a coin and stamp department or if this is from some other activity. Bidding starts at … Continue reading

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Movieland Mystery Photo

Here’s today’s mystery photo, courtesy of Steven Bibb!

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Private Detective Held in ‘Love’ Killing, Nov. 18, 1941

Nov. 18, 1941: Jimmie Fidler says that new Alan (Paramount white hope) Ladd and Sally Wadsworth romance won’t please his studio, which is readying a “wolf” buildup.

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Found on EBay – Chocolate Shop

217 W. 6th St. via Google Street View. A wooden box from the Chocolate Shop has been listed on EBay. The shops were located at 211 W. 5th St., 217 W. 6th St., 731 S. Broadway and 20 E. Colorado … Continue reading

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Ford’s Theatre Bans O’Reilly’s ‘Lincoln’ Book Over Mistakes

Manson family member Charles “Tex” Watson was denied parole. L.A. Times | AP via Washington Post Stephan Benzkofer of the Chicago Tribune takes a look at Police Officer Francis O’Neill in Part 2 of his Legendary Lawmen series. Edith Brady-Lunny … Continue reading

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Women Reporters

Nov. 17, 1941: Reporter Mary Shaw Leader is honored posthumously for her work in covering Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. Leader, a reporter for the Hanover Spectator, walked 15 miles to Gettysburg, Pa., to cover the Lincoln’s talk. “She carried his … Continue reading

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Found on EBay – The Florentine Gardens

This image, dated May 17, 1945, from the Florentine Gardens has been listed on EBay. The war in Europe had just ended on May 8 and perhaps these folks are doing a little celebrating – and wondering what peacetime would … Continue reading

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How to Wear a Hat – Noir Edition

One thing that drives me crazy about the current crop of period films is that men usually don’t know how to wear hats. “The Black Dahlia” (with costume design by Jenny Beavan) is a particularly excruciating lesson in unfortunate hat … Continue reading

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Found on EBay – Mae Murray

A 1923-24 guide to Metro pictures, published for theater managers, has been listed on EBay. Full-color printing was quite expensive in this era, and it’s always interesting to see how much mileage a commercial artist could get from two colors. … Continue reading

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When Hollywood Goes Wrong — ‘The Black Dahlia’

There are so many things that Brian De Palma got wrong in “The Black Dahlia” that a list of mistakes would fill a long book. I had forgotten that the movie starts out with what is purportedly the Zoot Suit … Continue reading

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Movieland Mystery Photo [Updated ++]

Here’s today’s mystery lady…. Update: This is Cobina Wright Jr., who recently appeared in Eve Golden’s Queen of the Dead.

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Eve Golden: Queen of the Dead

Photo: 1997 Cadillac hearse for sale on EBay. Bidding starts at $3,800. Queen of the Dead—dateline November 14, 2011 •  Family Circus has long been one of those legacy comics you love to hate. But I was sad when creator … Continue reading

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W.C. Fields and the Los Angeles Public Library — Mystery Photo

Last night, I was watching “The Bank Dick,” as I have  many times before, but this was the first with my new plasma TV, so I was much more aware of the detail. I spotted a photo of what looked … Continue reading

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U.S. Prepares to Round Up Japanese in Event of War, Nov. 13, 1941

Nov. 13, 1941: An FBI investigation into the Los Angeles Japanese Chamber of Commerce and the Central Japanese Assn. reveals monthly donations of $4,000 to $5,000 to the Japanese government “for the army and navy,” The Times says. Atty. Gen. … Continue reading

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Movieland Mystery Photo [Updated]

Update: This is Eve Miller (d. 1973). Here’s a mystery woman, courtesy of Steven Bibb.

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Crowds Line Broadway for Armistice Day Parade, Nov. 12, 1941

We just don’t get deep thoughts in comics anymore. Nov. 12, 1941: Crowds line Broadway in downtown Los Angeles for the annual Armistice Day parade, which marked the end of what used to be called the Great War or the … Continue reading

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