Ford’s Theatre Bans O’Reilly’s ‘Lincoln’ Book Over Mistakes

Killing Lincoln

Manson family member Charles “Tex” Watson was denied parole. L.A. Times | AP via Washington Post

Stephan Benzkofer of the Chicago Tribune takes a look at Police Officer Francis O’Neill in Part 2 of his Legendary Lawmen series.

Edith Brady-Lunny of Lee News Service profiles Myra Westray, 93, who was honored recently for replacing her husband, Kenneth, as sheriff of DeWitt County, Ill.,  while he was serving in World War II.

The L.A. Daily Mirror and L.A. Crime Beat curated from only the finest Twitter feeds by the discerning bots at

What if a historian reviewed a new book for accuracy? Actually, it happened — and it’s not pretty.

From the Washington Post: Ford’s Theatre National Historic Site Deputy Supt. Rae Emerson evaluated “Killing Lincoln” to determine whether the book by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard should be offered for sale in the gift shop.

Sample: “Grant meets with Lincoln in the Oval Office.” … “Lincoln sitting in his Oval Office .

Reality: Oval Office built in 1909 during Taft’s administration.

Verdict: Publication (Killing Lincoln) not recommended as a sales item in the Eastern National Bookstore located in the Museum at Ford’s Theatre National Historic because of the lack of documentation and the factual errors within the publication.”

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