Found on EBay – Chocolate Shop


W. 6th Street
217 W. 6th St. via Google Street View.

A wooden box from the Chocolate Shop has been listed on EBay. The shops were located at 211 W. 5th St., 217 W. 6th St., 731 S. Broadway and 20 E. Colorado Blvd. in Pasadena. In 1923, two of the stores were taken over by Brown’s Chocolates. The shop at 217 W. 6th, which is decorated with Batchelder tiles in a Dutch theme, was later remodeled into Finney’s Cafeteria.  Bidding on the box starts at $24.95.

Feb. 14, 1917, Chocolate Shop

Feb. 14, 1917: The Chocolate Shops.

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4 Responses to Found on EBay – Chocolate Shop

  1. Tiffney Sanford says:

    Thank you for posting this, I need a box for my collection! You might get a kick out of this post about a little more of the history of the 6th street location-


  2. I visited that location this year. The wunderful, tasty chocolate bar looking tiles are still inside although, of course, it’s no longer being used as a Dutch chocolate shop. However, that’s the plan for the future!


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