W.C. Fields and the Los Angeles Public Library — Mystery Photo

Bank Dick
Last night, I was watching “The Bank Dick,” as I have  many times before, but this was the first with my new plasma TV, so I was much more aware of the detail. I spotted a photo of what looked like a familiar building used as a prop next to the door to the bank president’s office. Hm.

Bank Dick
The pointed roof … the Art Deco lines … could it be the Los Angeles Public Library? I wasn’t sure.

The Bank Dick
Then I found it — a little bit clearer — in another scene.

The Bank Dick

This appears to be the Los Angeles Public Library. The general outline of the buildings look the same. We even find cypress trees in both images. But the west entrance has statues that are missing in “The Bank Dick” photo.

The Bank Dick Los Angeles Public Library

July 7, 1926, Los Angeles Public LIbrary
July 7, 1926: And apparently the statues have been at the west entrance since the library opened.

A puzzlement. I wonder if it could be an east entrance that was altered during an expansion of the building. Ideas?

Color Photo: The Los Angeles Public Library. Credit: Los Angeles Public Library.

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3 Responses to W.C. Fields and the Los Angeles Public Library — Mystery Photo

  1. Mary Mallory says:

    Let me look and see if we have photos that show the photo tomorrow.


  2. Damon says:

    It’s the north side of the building, on fifth street.


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