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Nov. 23, 1907: Baby Murdered With Ax, Half-Eaten by Pigs in Garbage Heap

Note: This is an encore post from 2006. Nov. 23, 1907 South Pasadena Warning: This is a grotesque, tragic story with graphic details. Pasadena Detective Wallace H. Copping is investigating the murder of a young baby boy, whose half-eaten body … Continue reading

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ICYMI: ‘Done Is Done’ by Ellen McGarrahan on the Case of Leo Alexander Jones

Now that I have left The Times, I am exploring all the papers and articles I put away “for later.” The first piece I am going to share is a 2000 article by Ellen McGarrahan — a reporter turned private … Continue reading

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Officer Kills Two, Wounds Two in Brawl at Shipyard Workers’ Party

Aug. 7, 1943: A zoot suit with a drape shape, reet pleat and stuff cuff in the comics! This is a story that, as presented in The Times, seems straightforward: A Palos Verdes police officer responding to a rowdy party … Continue reading

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July 15, 1908

ere’s an update on the story of Joseph H.N. Longy, who was arrested on charges of sending threatening letters to local businessmen. The Times gives an elaborate description of his "oil gun" and a primitive hand grenade that was found … Continue reading

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May 28, 1938

Photograph by the Los Angeles Times Police chemist Ray Pinker with the steering wheel from Harry Raymond’s car, in a photo from the trial of Police Capt. Earle Kynette dated May 4, 1938. At left, here’s where we see corruption … Continue reading

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May 23, 1938

It’s another slow day in the trial of Police Capt. Earle Kynette in the Harry Raymond bombing … In the meantime, let’s take a look at former police investigator Fletcher E. Felts, whose father was one of the longest-serving officers … Continue reading

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Feb. 16, 1888


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Feb. 13, 1888


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Glendale vandalism

Jan. 15, 1958Los Angeles This is the incident Paul Coates wrote about in a recent column.  

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Jan. 7, 1908

A slice of life in Los Angeles: A man is fined $3 for feeding his horse without the bit in its mouth, a  mother rescues her child after a gasoline stove exploded (which they did all the time) and a … Continue reading

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Jan. 6, 1958


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Paul V. Coates–Confidential File

Oct. 17, 1957 He sat nervously in the chair opposite me. The staccato beat in his speech reflected his anxiety. "Nothing would ever have happened to me," he said, "except that on her dead body was found my name. "I … Continue reading

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Spanish blood

Aug. 1, 1957Los Angeles Maybe it’s heat, maybe it’s the smog (what would be a Stage 3 alert today), but The Times is full of odd crime news. A rabid 2-year-old fox terrier mix went on a rampage starting at … Continue reading

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Matt Weinstock

July 18, 1957 Don Bailey Jr. has no red tab on his rear license plate. He applied for it like other motorists during the renewal period but never received it. Apparently it was lost in the processing at Sacramento or … Continue reading

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Dead end

  June 24, 1957 Los Angeles Police Capt. Walter R. Koenig was out walking his dog in the 5500 block of Green Oak Drive, where it dead ends in the Hollywood Hills, when he found Baby Boy Doe.  He was … Continue reading

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Battling movie stars

  June 20, 1957 Los Angeles For battling Hollywood celebrities, it’s hard to surpass Shelley Winters and Anthony Franciosa. They were only married a few years, but they made up for it in brawls between themselves, other actors (like Ava … Continue reading

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Paul V. Coates–Confidential File

June 18, 1957 Los Angeles By oath and by tradition, policemen and probation officers are on the same side of the law. Yet I know of no two groups so closely associated and so united in cause which are so … Continue reading

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Suicide note

  June 9, 1957 Los Angeles James R. Shepard decided it was better to kill himself than be prosecuted for a crime so shameful that it could not be published in The Times. A few hours after  the 32-year-old insurance … Continue reading

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Matt Weinstock

June 1, 1957A rewrite man assigned to vacation relief on the police beat was shown around the new police building the other day. As he entered a padded cell he was told to feel how soft the walls were. When … Continue reading

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Gay party raided

  May 7, 1957 Tijuana Dear parents of Los Angeles, Some of you will be hearing from your sons today. It seems that there was a get-together of young men at a watering hole between Tijuana and Ensenada called the … Continue reading

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