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I’m glad you folks are linking to me, but I’m quite curious as to what you’ve said as your site is restricted.

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  1. Gena Segno says:

    As a distant relative to mysterious Mr.A Victor Segno, my penchant for family history keeps me curious about news that continues to surface about him. Eccentric? undoubtedly! Scam artist? Hmmm, hard to say, but he was certainly vunerable to the trappings of power, as anyone with notoriety and “beautiful hair” would be. Truth is, Human beings toss dollar bills on far worse marketing scams than “mentalism” everyday, and do so without question or even consent.The concept of sending thought wave postcards was probably influenced by his Roman Catholic upbringing. If you sent money to the vatican, you were included in the Popes prayer circle and would get a prayer card in the mail. Victor’s ideas about the power of the mind and the energy of thoughts was somewhat before its time. Tony Robbins, Wayne Dwyer, Oprah, authors of “The Secret” all tout (and capitalize)on this idea of “change your thoughts, change your life”. Our technology has just begun to allow us to measure the “matter” of the unseen “thought wave”. Whether you believe in his ideas or not, he was a fascinating character.The book title “How to Stay Happy Though Married” alone deserves recognition!
    Gena Segno


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