March 16, 1958

Frances Farmer

Frances Farmer is interviewed by The Times’ Cecil Smith upon her return to acting in "The Tongues of Angels," a "Studio One" production. Farmer, whose life imploded in the 1940s, says: "I’m better now at my work than I have ever been."

Frances Farmer
Frances Farmer

Update: Several people have commented on Farmers’ purported lobotomy. The Times’ clips refer to this procedure as a possibility when commenting on "Shadowland," the biography by William Arnold, and on the movie "Frances," but there’s nothing more substantial than that and certainly nothing was said at the time it might have occurred. That bastion of accuracy (or sinkhole of truthiness and gossip) known as Wikipedia says she never had a lobotomy. At least that’s what it says today; the entry could claim something entirely different tomorrow–or even in another hour.

Arye Michael Bender writes: That Frances Farmer appeared on "Studio One" speaks volumes. The show was the
highest quality, one hour drama anthology on TV. It was performed LIVE. There
was no more terrifying a high wire act than performing live, on the number one
network, coast to coast.  If she successfully pulled that off, then she should
have been ready for anything.

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1 Response to March 16, 1958

  1. zabadu says:

    Please don’t get me started on the Loretta Young Finishing School – that woman was so messed up. Holy water at the house for guests to bless themselves upon entering, an illegitimate daughter that she “adopted” after traveling in Europe…rumor has it that she wore a rubber “body” under all her clothes – that didn’t smell very nice when she wore it…I can only imagine the kind of horrific guilt her students must have felt going to her school.


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