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Found on EBay: Manly Palmer Hall

The biography of Manly Hall by my Los Angeles Times colleague Louis Sahagun. Two lectures by Manly Hall have been listed on EBay as Buy It Now for $69. Hall was included in a Los Angeles Conservancy tour in 2009,  … Continue reading

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1944 in Print — Life Magazine, July 3, 1944

July 3, 1944 Life says: “The two lean young men on the cover are walking back from the front after a battle — the beginning of the Allied offensive which broke out of the Anzio beachhead toward Rome in May. … Continue reading

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Remembering Dr. Glen Stassen: From the Pulpit

While we are on the subject of obituaries, here’s a sermon by the late Dr. Glen Stassen, “The Ten Commandments,” delivered in 2008 at First Baptist Church of Pasadena. Here’s a sermon from 2007 titled “God Is Green: Do We … Continue reading

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Sinatra Makes Film Debut, Jan. 29, 1944

Jan. 29, 1944: The Times reports Frank Sinatra’s film debut in “Higher and Higher”: A generous quota of young girls attended the first showings and their ecstatic whinnyings recorded each and every appearance of their hero. In one house, at … Continue reading

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Matzo Brawl!

Note: This is a post I wrote in 2006 for the 1947project and I’m reposting it for newer readers. Nov. 29, 1907 Oh Those Shriners: Recall, if you will, the grisly train wreck that killed a large number of Shriners … Continue reading

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Preaching at the Court House

USC has taken its collection of the Los Angeles Star offline for indexing. Here’s a backup copy from the California Digital Newspaper Collection. July 25, 1863: A staunchly anti-Republican paper, the Star endorses the Democratic ticket, including John G. Downey … Continue reading

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Godless San Bernardino!

The entire Los Angeles Star for June 27, 1863, is online at USC’s digital library, scanned from a copy at the Huntington. Jan. 27, 1863: As usual, this issue is mostly devoted to the Civil War. But the Star reports … Continue reading

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Mary Mallory / Hollywood Heights: Hollywood’s Little Country Church – Emblem of Bygone Days

Throughout its history, the city of Hollywood has seen much come and go in the name of “progress.” Instead of remodeling and reusing a historic structure, as is done in Europe or the East Coast, most builders simply tear down … Continue reading

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San Xavier: The Mystery of the Mission’s Missing Lions

In 1982, two hand-carved wooden lions dating from 1797 vanished from the chancel at Mission San Xavier del Bac. In 1988, the reproductions shown above made by brothers Hector and Jorge Ortega were installed and fastened down to prevent theft. … Continue reading

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Millennial Moment: Ban on Blood Donations From Gay Men Urged

Jan. 18, 1983: Gay men are “known to be at increased risk of acquiring a mysterious and often fatal new disease that suppresses the body’s immune system” so the National Hemophilia Foundation is seeking to bar them from donating blood, … Continue reading

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Millennial Moment: Church Officials Killed

Nov. 9, 1982: Patrick James Henneberry and George Peters, leaders of the purported Church of Naturalism, were beaten to death with a blunt instrument and shot at close range on the Laurel Canyon estate on Woodstock Road leased by the … Continue reading

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Los Angeles History: Nuestro Pueblo

  Above, Eagle Rock as seen via Google Earth.   I don’t recall reading anything about a cross at the base of Eagle Rock, but there it is. According to The Times archives, a cross of electric lights was placed … Continue reading

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June 26, 1938

A panel from "Buck Rogers," Sunday, June 26, 1938. arry Raymond finally goes home after 163 days in the hospital, The Times says. He promises a $1-million lawsuit against Mayor Frank Shaw, Joe Shaw, Police Chief James Davis, several subordinates … Continue reading

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June 14, 1958

  eople sometimes ask me if I’m related to the Rev. J. Lester Harnish, above. The answer is no, but here he is. Folks tell me he was quite a good preacher. At left, the country is in a terrible … Continue reading

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May 25, 1908

Above, The Times interviews Manitoba Police Chief E.J. Elliott, who is visiting from Canada to extradite a fraud suspect. At left, a parishioner stabs a priest after Mass at a church in Salisbury, Mo. As he lay bleeding and expected … Continue reading

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April 2, 1958

Above, the popularity of TV westerns spreads to "Ozzie and Harriet." Below, Holy Week is presented in a daily news feature based on the Gospels. It is difficult to imagine that even in the 1950s anybody thought this was a … Continue reading

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March 21, 1908

Above, baseball and ostriches. Below, the Rev. G.W. Woodbey, an African American minister described in The Times as a rabid radical, is convicted of speaking on a street corner without a license. Woodbey sounds like an interesting fellow and he … Continue reading

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Feb. 17, 1908

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Raymond bombing

Feb. 8, 1938Los Angeles Above, Lutheran minister Martin Niemoeller protests a secret trial by the Nazis on charges of treason. Niemoeller, who survived the war, was one of hundreds of dissident German ministers who were arrested by the Nazis in … Continue reading

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Paul Coates

Jan. 15, 1958 I talk to a lot of men who are fresh out of prison. I do because each one has a story–usually each is in bad need of someone to listen. So I do. I listen as each … Continue reading

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