Found on EBay: Manly Palmer Hall

Manly Hall

The biography of Manly Hall by my Los Angeles Times colleague Louis Sahagun.

Two lectures by Manly Hall have been listed on EBay as Buy It Now for $69. Hall was included in a Los Angeles Conservancy tour in 2009,  “City of the Seekers,” which was an excellent introduction to some of Los Angeles’ influential religious figures. Other sites on the tour were Angelus Temple, the Self-Realization Fellowship Mother Center, Chapel of the Jesus Ethic and the Bonnie Brae House, where the Pentecostal movement began in the Azusa Street revival.


Manly Hall lecture Manly Hall Lecture

Hall, who died in 1990, was the founder of the Philosophical Research Society, whose headquarters is at Los Feliz and Griffith Park boulevards. He wrote more than 200 books, gave thousands of lectures and compiled a large and unusual library.

The first lecture, titled “The Adepts in Greece and Rome,” begins:

Our modern civilization is do deeply indebted to the cultures of Greece and Rome that we cannot estimate our present condition without reference to the background furnished by these two earlier civilizations. In many respects we are very much like the Greeks and Romans.

The second lecture, titled “The Way of Initiation for Modern Disciples” begins:

One of the great problems that comes up in the study of all metaphysical or philosophical matters is the difficulty in the dimensions of consciousness which are beyond the experience of the average person. We have become so accustomed to the physical world and its limitations, and we have become so accustomed to the function of the sensory perceptions as they manifest in the physical world, that it is difficult for us to imagine a sphere of life in which these functions are reversed or markedly altered.


Hall’s books are also available from the society at a more reasonable price.

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  1. Eve says:

    “Manly Palmer Hall” sounds like the college dorm where they don’t let any girls in.


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