1944 in Print — Life Magazine, July 3, 1944

July 3, 1944, Life Magazine

July 3, 1944

Life says: “The two lean young men on the cover are walking back from the front after a battle — the beginning of the Allied offensive which broke out of the Anzio beachhead toward Rome in May. Only one is wounded, but the other is effectively out of action, illustrating the military adage that it is more efficient to wound an enemy than to kill him. This wounded man is one of 225,382 U.S. casualties reported up to June 22.

John Hersey writes the fictional “Joe Is Home Now,” about Joe Souczak, who returns to civilian life after losing an arm during fighting in Africa.

MGM announces the release of “The White Cliffs of Dover” in celebrating its 20th anniversary.

In the field of religion, Life takes a look at polygamy in Utah and snake-handling in Virginia.

And at the age of 22, Deanna Durbin takes on her first role as a married woman in “Christmas Holiday.”

Courtesy of Google Books.



Joseph Jessop, who has three wives and 25 children, is one of 15 Utah men convicted of polygamy. He is sentenced to four years in prison.

Life also takes a look at snake-handling, showing a man with a Bible and a rattlesnake.


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