ICYMI: ‘Done Is Done’ by Ellen McGarrahan on the Case of Leo Alexander Jones


Now that I have left The Times, I am exploring all the papers and articles I put away “for later.” The first piece I am going to share is a 2000 article by Ellen McGarrahan — a reporter turned private detective — published in Threepenny Review.

The article is titled “Done Is Done” and it deals with the ultimately unsuccessful attempt to prove the innocence of Leo Alexander Jones, who was (spoiler alert) executed for the 1981 sniper slaying of Jacksonville, Fla., Police Officer Thomas Szafranski. It is a powerful piece about the bureaucratic resistance to investigating a questionable case and the issues it raises about unjust convictions resonate today.

Please consider it for your Sunday reading. It is virtually impossible to find a copy of the article online without a hefty subscription fee, but fortunately, Archive.org has a copy from when it crawled the site in 2000.

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I am retired from the Los Angeles Times
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1 Response to ICYMI: ‘Done Is Done’ by Ellen McGarrahan on the Case of Leo Alexander Jones

  1. Jeanne Feeney says:

    Larry, I really appreciate the articles you share and especially liked what you had to say about “Done is Done.”


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