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Feb. 14, 1959: Matt Weinstock (Almost) All Bets Are Off at Raided Bookie Joint

Feb. 14, 1959: Matt Weinstock ends his week with an assortment of amusing stories, a poem and a bit of literature. Weinstock had an impressive number and variety of people feeding items to him. He made it look easy. Weinstock’s … Continue reading

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Feb. 4, 1959: Paul Coates Visits Americans Jailed in Raid on Mexican Casino

Feb. 4, 1959: Paul Coates does more reporting on the case of Americans being held in Tijuana after a raid on a gambling casino in Rosarito Beach. The story originally appeared in the L.A. Mirror in 1959 and was republished … Continue reading

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Feb. 3, 1959: Paul Coates on Americans Held in Raid on Mexican Casino

Feb. 3, 1959: Paul Coates could dig into real reporting and in this column he is looking at the case of 20 Americans seized in a raid on a casino and held in an unheated city jail in Tijuana  — … Continue reading

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May 15, 1907: Police Raid Ladies-Only Gambling Parlor

Los Angeles May 15, 1907 Note: This is an encore post from 2006. Curious neighbors noticed recently that a large number of well-dressed women have been taking the streetcar to the end of the line at 54th Street and South … Continue reading

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Millennial Moment – Cheating at Card Clubs

Dec. 5, 1982: George Reasons and Anne La Riviere write a long investigative piece about professional cheats at the card clubs in Bell and Gardena. According to Reasons and La Riviere, cheaters are divided between mechanics who manipulate the cards … Continue reading

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Death Rolls the Dice in Friends’ Fatal Craps Game

Oct. 12, 1942: Walter Miller, a 31-year-old lumberyard foreman, and his friend Eddie “Red” Phillips, a 32-year-old mechanic, were shooting dice in the living room of Phillips’ home, 1442 E. 59th St., when they began arguing. Miller was stabbed during … Continue reading

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July 15, 1908

ere’s an update on the story of Joseph H.N. Longy, who was arrested on charges of sending threatening letters to local businessmen. The Times gives an elaborate description of his "oil gun" and a primitive hand grenade that was found … Continue reading

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June 2, 1908

  Above, a dramatic story from Central Avenue … Mayor Harper reacts to a Times expose on illegal gambling in the city … Robert T. Hale of the Anti-Fakers Society of Los Angeles County tells county supervisors that granting exemptions … Continue reading

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Raymond bombing

  Feb. 4, 1938Los Angeles Dist. Atty. Buron Fitt investigates charges that Los Angeles city and county officials are being bribed to protect gambling in "Little Tokio" … The city’s first "skyscraper" at Court and New High Street is torn … Continue reading

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Paul Coates: Confidential File

Nov. 12, 1957 I have never met a man who dropped $4,000 pitching pennies. But I guess it’s possible Because last week I talked to a man who estimated that he has lost, in the last four years, nearly $20,000–gambling … Continue reading

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Paul V. Coates–Confidential File

May 21, 1957The note was found next to the man’s body. It was addressed to the dead man’s sister. "Dear Fanny," it read. "I am sorry to say goodbye, but it is best this way. I leave all I got, … Continue reading

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S.S. Rex

Speaking of Santa Monica, here’s an ad for Tony Cornero’s gambling ship, the Rex. Only 25 cents by water taxi.

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