May 28, 1938


Photograph by the Los Angeles Times

Police chemist Ray Pinker with the steering wheel from Harry Raymond’s car, in a photo from the trial of Police Capt. Earle Kynette dated May 4, 1938.



At left, here’s where we see corruption spread through City Hall like cancer: Allegations that defense witnesses in the trial of Police Capt. Earle Kynette were given city jobs. Although one witness denies any such deal, it’s interesting to see how many defense witnesses happened to have jobs with the Health Department.

With the jury excused, the judge asks the defense attorneys how much longer they need to present their case.

"It is very obvious that the jury paid little if any attention at all to the testimony that has been offered here this morning. I believe that they think we are wasting their time. I think it is wise to find out where we are going."

–Judge Thomas L. Ambrose

Also: Chief James Davis’ rock garden is dedicated at the Police Academy … downtown is wreathed with colorful banners for the Shriners’ convention … A witness in a lawsuit says he conferred with Joe Shaw, the mayor’s brother, about a Mexican radio station but declines to reveal whether the station was going to broadcast gambling results.

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