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Mary Mallory: Hollywood Heights – Max Davidson

Photo: Lillian Elliott and Max Davidson in “Call of the Cuckoo.” Note: This is an encore post from 2012. America has always been the land of immigrants. From when this part of the world was a mere colony to other … Continue reading

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Laurel and Hardy Meet Laurel y Hardy

I thought it would be fun to compare “Chickens Come Home” and “Politiquerias,” which aired recently on Turner Classic Movies. A shot-by-shot comparison shows that even though they use the same plot and camera setups, the English- and Spanish-language versions … Continue reading

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Mary Mallory / Hollywood Heights: 48th Annual Cincecon

Photo: Harold Lloyd in “Hot Water,” shown at Cinecon. The 48th Annual Cinecon Film Festival is almost over in Hollywood. Once again, the festival features classic silent and sound films, many of which have not been seen in theatres since … Continue reading

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James Curtis: L.A. Voices – Jules White, Part 3

  Photo: The Three Stooges’ “Spooks,” produced and directed by Jules White. James writes: Here’s another of those interviews I did during a random burst of energy in 1975. This one took place a couple of weeks before my previously-posted … Continue reading

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Men 45-64 Register With Draft Boards

April 26, 1942: Men between the ages of 45 and 64 form a line a block long outside the draft board at 329 W. 2nd St. to comply with a new registration order. The men would be called upon to … Continue reading

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Hubble: No Evidence of ‘Big Bang’ Theory

Dec. 31, 1941: Celebrate New Year’s Eve at the Hollywood Palladium with Tommy Dorsey, Buddy Rich AND Frank Sinatra … plus Connie Haines and the Pied Pipers. John P. Varnum has a cute little racket. He pretends to be a … Continue reading

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Oliver Hardy dies

The world mourns one of film’s greatest comedians, Oliver Hardy, who died in North Hollywood on Aug. 7, 1957. He was 65. Part 1 Part 2 The Mirror, Page 1 (Note the price of gas, 23.9 cents a gallon, is … Continue reading

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