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Jan. 1, 1945: The Making of ‘The Blue Dahlia’

Jan. 1, 1945: Raymond Chandler writes to Charles Morton, mentioning his original idea for a film. “The Blue Dahlia” would become Chandler’s first original screenplay. To be continued.

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December 1947: It’s Curtains, Rocky! MPAA Bans Gangster Pictures

Note: This is an encore post from 2005 and originally appeared on the 1947project. NEW YORK, Dec. 3. (AP)—The board of directors of the Motion Picture Association of America today voted to cease distribution of new and old pictures glorifying … Continue reading

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Hollywood 1948: Stars Pick Their Biggest Movie Turkeys; Lizabeth Scott Calls ‘Dead Reckoning’ Her Worst Film

Aug. 25, 1948: Lizabeth Scott tells veteran Hollywood columnist Bob Thomas of the Associated Press: “I never did understand the character. Bogie was a baby. He was the only thing that made it possible to get through the picture.” Also, … Continue reading

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On Location in Los Angeles: ‘The Unfaithful’ (1947)

Here’s the sequence of shots in “The Unfaithful” showing Angels Flight, photographed by Ernest Haller, edited by Alan Crosland Jr. In image No. 1, we have a news vendor and the upper entrance to the funicular.

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Slander, My Sweet: Raymond Chandler, John Houseman and ‘The Blue Dahlia’

Alan Ladd and Veronica Lake in “The Blue Dahlia.” Here are the opening paragraphs of the piece I’ve been working on for the last few months as I waited for the clamor to die down about Piu Eatwell’s “Black Dahlia, … Continue reading

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Coming Attractions: Mark A. Vieira’s ‘Into the Dark’

Mark A. Vieira writes that he will be signing advance copies of his book “Into the Dark” at the TCM Classic Film Festival. “Into the Dark,” published by Running Press and TCM, won’t be officially released until May 24, so … Continue reading

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‘Laura’ — The Making of a Film Noir Classic, Part 5

In case you just tuned in, I’m using Louella Parsons’ May 15, 1944,  item on Rouben Mamoulian being replaced as director of “Laura” to do a bit of digging into the production of this film noir classic – however one … Continue reading

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‘Laura’ — The Making of a Classic Film Noir, Part 4

  In case you just tuned in, I’m using the May 15 post by Louella Parsons on Rouben Mamoulian being replaced by Otto Preminger as director of “Laura” to spend some time examining the production of the film noir classic. … Continue reading

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‘Laura’ — The Making of a Classic Film Noir, Part 2

In case you just tuned in, prompted by Louella Parsons’ May 15 post that Rouben Mamoulian had asked to be released as director of “Laura” (later accounts will say that he was fired), I’m looking at the making of the … Continue reading

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Black Dahlia and ‘Double Indemnity’ – KCET Gets It Way Wrong

Is it really possible to write about the film “Double Indemnity” without mentioning Raymond Chandler, who collaborated on the screenplay, or James M. Cain, who wrote the book that was the basis for the film? Sadly, Ryan Reft (identified as … Continue reading

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Mary Mallory / Hollywood Heights: 48th Annual Cincecon

Photo: Harold Lloyd in “Hot Water,” shown at Cinecon. The 48th Annual Cinecon Film Festival is almost over in Hollywood. Once again, the festival features classic silent and sound films, many of which have not been seen in theatres since … Continue reading

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Eurasian Held on Suspicion of Being Japanese

    June 23, 1942: Meet Stanwood Gertz Jr., who was arrested because he was suspected of being Japanese. Gertz told detectives he was German, Chinese and Hawaiian – and his dyed hair presumably made him even more suspicious. The … Continue reading

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