Hubble: No Evidence of ‘Big Bang’ Theory

Dec. 31, 1941, Armies Smash Manila

Dec. 31, 1941: Celebrate New Year’s Eve at the Hollywood Palladium with Tommy Dorsey, Buddy Rich AND Frank Sinatra … plus Connie Haines and the Pied Pipers.

John P. Varnum has a cute little racket. He pretends to be a Navy commander and visits the homes of Pearl Harbor victims, claims to have known the men and asks for money to get to San Pedro, where he can get his paycheck.

Astronomer Edwin P. Hubble says that after a six-year study, evidence does not support what we now call the Big Bang theory, according to the Associated Press. “The universe probably is not exploding but is a quiet, peaceful place and possibly just about infinite in size.”

I’m really puzzled by this story.  Sources today credit Hubble with the Big Bang theory, so I’m not sure whether it was still evolving at this point or whether the AP writer didn’t understand Hubble’s presentation. Can the Brain Trust shed any light on this matter?

Jimmie Fidler says: George Montgomery’s deferment may be canceled by his Montana draft board. He claimed support of his family….  I never knew a man who could ask more pertinent questions that Eddie Albert or who paid closer attention to the answers.

Dec. 31, 1941, New Year's Eve at the Palladium
Dec. 31, 1941, Victim Fraud

Dec. 31, 1941, Corregidor
Dec. 31, 1941, Hubble
Dec. 31, 1941, Jimmie Fidler in Hollywood

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2 Responses to Hubble: No Evidence of ‘Big Bang’ Theory

  1. ‘A bevy of Hollywood beauties’ plus Johnson & Johnson. There are several possible joke contained within. Best left to the imagination. Bet all eyes and ears went to the Dorsey Orchestra.


  2. Hawkeye says:

    The article is correct, Hubble didn’t believe in the Big Bang. Georges Lemaître, a Belgian priest, is generally credited with hatching it (Lemaître referred to it as a cosmic egg).


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