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Black Dahlia: Annual Halloween Reminder

Somewhere, somebody is already thinking about a Black Dahlia costume for Halloween, so here is my annual reminder: Dressing up like the victim of a grotesque murder is not the look you want. Please rethink your choices. Thanks.

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Black Dahlia: YouTube Makeup Tutorials for Halloween – Seriously?

Apparently YouTube tutorials on Black Dahlia makeup are a thing. Please reconsider your choices. We think Harley Quinn or Mad Moxxi are much better Halloween costume options rather than dressing up like the victim of a gruesome murder.

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Black Dahlia Halloween Costumes: The Annual Warning

Halloween is quickly approaching, which means the internet is brimming with photos of young women practicing their “Chelsea Smile” makeup and otherwise showing off their talent in dressing up like a brutally murdered woman. Regardless of what you may think, … Continue reading

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Black Dahlia: Halloween 2015

Judging by Instagram, there are some people in the world who see nothing wrong with dressing up as the victim of a vicious, brutal murder.

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Black Dahlia: Halloween Costumes to Die For

Halloween is coming next month and somewhere, someone is already planning a Black Dahlia costume and working out the makeup. Just stop yourself. Really, folks, dressing up like the victim of a brutal, gruesome murder is not a good idea. … Continue reading

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Black Dahlia: Don’t Dress Up Like This for Halloween

It really is not cool to dress up like the victim of a brutal murder whose sisters are still alive. Michelle Trachtenberg, please note. From Justjared.com

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The Black Dahlia and Halloween

A Google image search for “Black Dahlia” “Halloween” and “costume.” It is October, which means Halloween is coming up and Instagram is full of cosplayers practicing their Black Dahlia makeup. Really, folks, don’t do this. Dressing up as a murder … Continue reading

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Mary Mallory / Hollywood Heights — Spooky, Ooky Witch’s House Haunts Beverly Hills

A sketch of the “The Witch’s House” by Charles Owens from “Nuestro Pueblo,” courtesy of Mary Mallory   Once upon a time, home design and architecture saluted fantasy and make-believe, and not just in fiction. Bilbo Baggins and lucky leprechauns … Continue reading

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Mystery photo

This one really should be easy. I’ll bet someone gets it in an hour or two. This is a "what" question. What is this? Michael Myers’ House "Halloween" 1978 Photograph by Larry Harnisch / Los Angeles Times And in case … Continue reading

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