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Black Dahlia: Annual Halloween Reminder

Somewhere, somebody is already thinking about a Black Dahlia costume for Halloween, so here is my annual reminder: Dressing up like the victim of a grotesque murder is not the look you want. Please rethink your choices. Thanks.

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Black Dahlia: Elizabeth Short’s Birthday

July 29 is Elizabeth Short’s birthday. Try to find some way to remember her that doesn’t involve dressing up as a bloody murder victim. Please.

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Black Dahlia Halloween Costume: Just Say No

Halloween is drawing closer and that means people are working on their costumes. Let us say again: You can do better than dressing up as the victim of a brutal murder. Really you can. You might consider, for example, Mad … Continue reading

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Movieland Mystery Photo (Updated + + + + )

  This is “Madam Satan,” directed by Cecil B. DeMille and written by three women: longtime DeMille collaborator Jeanie MacPherson (d. 1946), Gladys Unger (d. 1940) and Elsie Janis (d. 1956). It starred Kay Johnson, Reginald Denny, Lillian Roth and … Continue reading

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The Black Dahlia and Halloween

A Google image search for “Black Dahlia” “Halloween” and “costume.” It is October, which means Halloween is coming up and Instagram is full of cosplayers practicing their Black Dahlia makeup. Really, folks, don’t do this. Dressing up as a murder … Continue reading

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