Black Dahlia: Halloween Costumes to Die For


Halloween is coming next month and somewhere, someone is already planning a Black Dahlia costume and working out the makeup.

Just stop yourself.

Really, folks, dressing up like the victim of a brutal, gruesome murder is not a good idea. We recommend Harley Quinn or Mad Moxxi instead.


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5 Responses to Black Dahlia: Halloween Costumes to Die For

  1. CARMELITE says:

    Agreed wholeheartedly. Heinous idea. But what else should we expect from a culture that, since the 1980s, produces otherwise sane people who believe Charles Manson is “brilliant” and “enlightened”?


  2. maedez says:

    Gross. There must be millions of people/things/concepts to dress up as…why choose a murder victim?


  3. Mary Mallory says:

    And why is it that people would rather go on death tours than history tours? Do they want people touring where they died or to be told how gruesomely they died? Do they want their families to be put through misery because of it? Why is there such an obsession with gruesomeness, be it crime, death, whatever?


  4. Eve says:

    My favorite Halloween costume was the year I went to Limelight dressed all in blue (plus blue lipstick and eye makeup), and bedecked in tampons and maxi-pads. When people asked what I was supposed to be, I shouted over the din, “Picasso’s Blue Period!”


  5. Bruce says:

    I went to one party wearing an eyepatch and a couple of old AOL disks on a necklace.
    I was a software pirate.


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