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Mary Mallory / Hollywood Heights: Ambassador Theatre Entertains Hotel’s Guests

The Ambassador Theater, as shown in the Exhibitors Herald, 1921. On February 9, 1919, the Los Angeles Times reported that the California Hotel Company would soon begin construction on a luxurious hotel on twenty one acres adjoining Wilshire Boulevard between … Continue reading

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Found on EBay – Ambassador Hotel

This postcard of the Ambassador Hotel has been listed on EBay. Wouldn’t it be neat to go there? Oh wait – we let L.A. Unified tear it down. Bidding starts at $5.

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Found on EBay – Ambassador Hotel

This c. 1960 postcard of the Ambassador Hotel, which was torn down by L.A. Unified, has been listed on EBay. Bidding starts at $2.95.

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Los Angeles Times file photo Antiwar demonstrators fight with Chicago police during the 1968 Democratic National Convention. At left, former Vice President Richard M. Nixon wins the Republican nomination for the 1968 presidential race. He selects Maryland Gov. Spiro T. … Continue reading

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Remembering RFK

Image courtesy of KTLA-TV Robert F. Kennedy, Ambassador Hotel, June 5, 1968. Beginning June 1, the Daily Mirror will follow Robert F. Kennedy in the final days of his campaign for the American presidency, from hope and triumph at the … Continue reading

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June 6, 1968

Drawing by Paul Conrad / Los Angeles Times A heavy news day at the Los Angeles Times. Nearly every section carried a story about the death of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, whether it was the mainbar, various sidebars, sports columnists … Continue reading

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Voices–Juan Romero

Photograph by William Dietsch / Los Angeles Times Juan Romero in a photo dated June 18, 1968. "It is hard to understand. I did nothing. It just happened. Mr. Kennedy was there and he needed someone with him, that’s all." … Continue reading

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Voices–Sandi Gibbons

    Above, a frame grab from a video of Robert F. Kennedy’s speech at the Ambassador Hotel. Based on Sandi Gibbons’ description the evening, I believe she is on the far right of the frame next to Ethel Kennedy … Continue reading

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Snapshot of history

Photograph by Howard Decker Robert F. Kennedy at the Ambassador Hotel, a few minutes before he was shot. Thanks, Howard! Check out his blog.

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June 4, 1968

        Literature: William Styron’s "The Confessions of Nat Turner" wins the 1968 Pulitzer Prize for fiction. At left, the late Times staff writer Richard Bergholz says that a large voter turnout will probably favor Sen. Eugene McCarthy … Continue reading

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Voices–Boris Yaro

By Boris Yaro Times staff writerJune 6, 1998I went to the Ambassador Hotel 30 years ago to make a victory-party picture of Sen. Robert Kennedy as he won the California presidential primary. I was a Times reporter, but on that … Continue reading

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Raymond bombing

Arrests are expected in the Harry Raymond bombing… An attempt at child visitation at Barbara Stanwyck’s San Fernando Valley ranch  (18600 Devonshire) does not go well … Paul Whiteman, Fanny Brice, Judy Garland and Ilona Massey at the Cocoanut Grove… … Continue reading

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Christmas past

Dec. 27, 1932 Los Angeles   Photograph by the Los Angeles Times A crush of 3,500 newsboys gather in the Ambassador Auditorium at the 11th annual banquet for youths who sell newspapers on the corners of Los Angeles. The Times … Continue reading

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Another plan for the Ambassador

July 11, 1957Los Angeles Yes, it’s another architectural plan, this one for the site of the Ambassador Hotel. And no, it never got built, either. Somewhere in Los Angeles, there’s a small library of designs that were shelved over the … Continue reading

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June 23, 1957 Pasadena John, 42, runs a health food store on North Lake Street in Pasadena and lives at 861 Elizabeth St., The Times says in a feature story. Born in Holland, he is like many Europeans who came … Continue reading

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