June 6, 1968

Drawing by Paul Conrad / Los Angeles Times
1968_rfk_0606_cover 1968_0606_gun_2A heavy news day at the Los Angeles Times. Nearly every section carried a story about the death of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, whether it was the mainbar, various sidebars, sports columnists Jim Murray and John Hall, the effect on the stock market or Charles Champlin in Calendar.  In going through the archives, I found images by Times photographers that haven’t been seen in 40 years.

Step back into history in the pages of The Times.

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Photograph by Steve Fontanini / Los Angeles Times

Shot in the head, union official Paul Schrade lies on the pantry floor at the Ambassador Hotel, one of Sirhan Bishara Sirhan’s other victims.


Sen. Eugene McCarthy (D-Minn.), left, suspends his campaign. Secret Service agents are sent to guard political candidates. Below right, Jack Smith writes about Kennedy’s quiet day leading up to the shooting.

1968_rfk_0606_page3 1968_rfk_0606_page4  

Below left, Kennedy’s injuries and prayers for him among people at Resurrection City in Washington, D.C. Below right, the continuation of Jack Smith’s story on Kennedy’s evening leading up to the shooting.

1968_rfk_0606_page11 1968_rfk_0606_page12

Below left, Paul Schrade, one of five other people shot by Sirhan, is making progress. A comment after the shooting touches off a search for a woman in a polka-dot dress. Below right, the first look at Sirhan’s life.

1968_rfk_0606_page13 1968_rfk_0606_page14
Photograph by Ben Olender / Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Police Chief Tom Reddin holds a news conference to discuss the latest developments in the shooting.

Below left, many Arabs viewed Kennedy favorably and said U.S.-Arab relations would have been better if President John F. Kennedy had lived. Sirhan is under guard to prevent anyone from killing him. And an interview with busboy Juan Romero. Below right, a description of the shooting.

1968_rfk_0606_page15_2 1968_rfk_0606_page17

Photograph by George R. Fry / Los Angeles Times

Kennedy’s children, Kathleen, Matthew, Michael, Mary Kerry, Christopher and Mary Courtney and the family dog Freckles leave the Beverly Hills Hotel to return to Virginia after Vice President Hubert Humphrey sent a plane to get them.

Below left, California Gov. Ronald Reagan blames the shooting on "demagogism." Below right, Latin America is stunned by the shooting.

1968_rfk_0606_page20 1968_rfk_0606_page29
Photograph by Charles O’Rear / Los Angeles Times

Patricia Lawford, Kennedy’s sister, is escorted from Good Samaritan Hospital by family friend Jim Whitaker.

Below left, Kennedy receives last rites from the Rev. Thomas Peacha. The hospital chaplain, the Rev. Laurence Joy, also administers last rites. Jimmy Breslin describes the shooting and officials call for tighter gun controls. Below right, Kennedy’s victory speech was upbeat, Times staff writer Daryl E. Lembke says.

1968_rfk_0606_page55 1968_rfk_0606_page56
Photograph by Ben Olender / Los Angeles Times

Patricia Lawford picks up her brother, Atty. Gen. Robert F. Kennedy, at Los Angeles International Airport in a photo dated Feb. 12, 1963. Notice the complete lack of any security personnel.

Below left, hundreds of people gather at Good Samaritan in a vigil for the wounded candidate.

1968_rfk_0606_page57 1968_rfk_0606_flowers
Drawing by Frank Interlandi / Los Angeles Times

Below, The Times’ editorial and op-ed pages.

1968_rfk_0606_page58 1968_rfk_0606_page59

Jimmy Breslin, cont’d


Reactions to shooting


Photograph by Bruce Cox / Los Angeles Times

Busboy Juan Romero describes the shooting.

Below left, sports columnist Jim Murray and below right, Charles Maher.

1968_rfk_0606_page63 1968_rfk_0606_page64
John Hall


Jim Murray, cont’d


Photograph by Michael Edwards / Los Angeles Times

Paul Schrade points to where he was shot in the head by Sirhan, Feb. 4, 1986.

Below, Kennedy’s shooting sends the stock market down slightly, with the Dow closing at 907.42. Standard and Poor’s 500 closes at 99.89, off 0.49.

1968_rfk_0606_page75 1968_rfk_0606_page77
Photograph by Brian Vander Brug / Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. Steve Cooley displays Kennedy’s jacket, kept as evidence in Sirhan’s trial, in the prosecutor’s vault, 2007.

Below, Charles Champlin describes the live TV drama of the Kennedy shooting.

1968_rfk_0606_page83 1968_rfk_0606_page91

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