Feb. 14, 1959: Paul Coates Gets Some Reader Feedback

Feb. 14, 1959, Paul Coates

Feb. 14, 1959: It’s Saturday in 1959, and Paul Coates ends the week with some letters, a typical ploy in the days when columnists published six times a week, a punishing schedule. And there is a Parkey Sharkey alert! Also Mickey Cohen.

Coates’ column appeared in the L.A. Mirror in 1959 and was republished in 2009 on latimes.com. The entire column is available via Archive.org.

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2 Responses to Feb. 14, 1959: Paul Coates Gets Some Reader Feedback

  1. Benito says:

    Mickey Cohen is immortalized on a brass plaque over a urinal in Cole’s restaurant…


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