Jan. 5, 1959: LAPD Suspends Officer for – Uh-Oh

Jan. 5, 1959, LAPD suspends officer

Jan. 5, 1959: Chief William Parker suspends Officer Charles Wolf serial No. 4115 for 15 days for … oh dear. Banging “a known prostitute and dissolute person” and letting her get possession of his firearm.

This material is from the city archives and was published on latimes.com in 2009 from research by then-UCLA intern Catriona Lavery. The original post is available via Archive.org.


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1 Response to Jan. 5, 1959: LAPD Suspends Officer for – Uh-Oh

  1. Benito says:

    That address is just NE of MacArthur Park, where LAPD Vice Squad arrested many men and women for solicitation for decades


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